Album: Supermarket (single) (2015)

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Song: Supermarket

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The Silence Kit is a Philadelphia-based post-punk band that plays textured, dark, indie rock. Inspired in equal parts by post punk, shoegaze, neo-psychedelia, avant-garde and indie rock, the band was started by singer/guitarist Patrick McCay back in 2002 as a solo recording project, eventually culminating in the first album "In Regulated Measure" (2006). "A Strange Labor," "Dislocations" and their dual EP releases of "The Stairs" and "In Parts" followed, all released by Break Even Records and/or Azteca Records, each release garnering positive reviews from a variety of press.

Several lineups have seen the band gradually honing their sound through the years. The present lineup of Patrick McCay, bass player Don Ocava, and drummer Jay Dyer have been playing together since 2007. Benjamin Endling joined on guitar/keys in 2013.

Comparisons to bands like The Cure, Joy Division, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds and The Psychedelic Furs hint at The Silence Kit's melodic, moody sound. The Silence Kit has shared the stage with Mark Burgess (of The Chameleons), Early Day Miners, I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness, Windsor for the Derby, Pela, Gene Loves Jezebel, She Keeps Bees, and more.